RugMark is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.

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How You Can Help

Get Involved with The Most Beautiful Rug: RugMark’s Campaign to End Child Labor

You can be part of this partnership among rug-weaving communities, businesses, supporters and consumers in several ways:

Look for the RugMark label

The certified and individually numbered RugMark label is your assurance that no child labor was used in the manufacture of a carpet or rug and that a portion of the purchase price helps to educate children instead. Join a growing group of socially responsible consumers around the world who are sending the powerful signal that they will not support products made through inhumane working conditions.

RugMark certified rugs are available at many retail locations across the United States.

You can also shop for a certified rug online.

Spread the Word

Research shows that most people are not aware of the exploitation of children in the South Asian carpet industry. If you know someone who may be in the market for a handmade carpet, please let them know that purchasing one with the RugMark label offers them assurance that no child labor was used in the manufacture their carpet or rug and contributes to a long-term solution to exploitative working conditions.

  • Tell your friends and colleagues to look for the RugMark certification label.
  • Ask your interior designer, salesperson or architect for RugMark certified rugs.
  • And ask national retailers and local carpet stores to carry RugMark certified carpets.

Make a financial contribution to support RugMark’s work

Donate Now

Your donation will help to mobilize more consumers in North America to speak out against illegal child labor; to create a greater demand for humanely produced goods, to ensure that national governments enact and enforce laws that protect children, and to expand RugMark’s schools and rehabilitation centers in South Asia. If you’d like to make an online, tax-deductible contribution using a secure server, click here.