RugMark is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.

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Schools and Opportunities

RugMark has freed more than 3,000 children from weaving looms. Educational programs funded by sales and by donations to RugMark help these children through rehabilitation, daycare, literacy, formal schooling and vocational training.

Once children are freed from the looms, RugMark makes every effort to reunite them with their families. Children are then invited to attend school and with their families decide whether to enroll in a RugMark boarding school or to live at home and attend a public or private school with RugMark’s support.

RugMark runs 13 schools and centers and partners with other organizations to support children’s education. Other initiatives help create healthy, financially independent communities, providing health clinics, adult literacy programs and worker health and training seminars.

RugMark’s educational programs are designed so that children start with intensive literacy and numeracy training, preparing them for a formal education. Formal education programs include language training, social studies, math and science. Children also enjoy physical fitness and extracurricular pursuits in music and art.

RugMark schools encourage high academic standards, and every effort is made to help children continue their education through high school. Children over age 14 are encouraged to join vocational training programs supported by RugMark.

Once freed from the looms and given proper nutrition and support, children are capable of top academic and athletic achievements. In Nepal, for instance, 11 former child laborers are attending Little Angels, the top private school in the country, with RugMark’s help. Click here to read this and other stories.