RugMark is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.

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ISEAL Alliance

In an ongoing effort to meet best practices of the growing certification movement, RugMark has joined the ISEAL Alliance as an affiliate member. The ISEAL Alliance defines and codifies best practice at the international level for the design and implementation of social and environmental standards systems. ISEAL Alliance members are committed to meeting this best practice in order to ensure their systems are credible and accessible.  The ISEAL Alliance provides a global framework for the social and environmental standards movement to coordinate, cooperate and build its capacity to deliver positive global impacts. For more information about RugMark International, visit

Open SRI

OpenSRI is the first collaborative web platform on Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at project is supported by Intertek Group.

OpenSRI offers a new approach to CSR rating based on the involvement of stakeholders, who will rate the social and environmental performance of companies.

The objective is to create an ‘innovative and interactive tool’ that will foster dialogue on issues between companies and their stakeholders.
OpenSRI’s analysis model is based on four innovative approaches:

  • SRI researches on methodological questions, CSR strategy and integration of financial and extra-financial analysis,
  • Online access to companies' CSR database (identification of new CSR risks and issues, ethical involvement, inclusion in SRI indexes, CSR rating, etc.), allowing aggregation and filtering of information to create customized portfolios, as well as other applications
  • A Stakeholder Rating and Networking platform, encouraging dialogue between companies, financial actors, and stakeholders
  • A sector or company reputation audit

For further information, please visit