RugMark is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.

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Children's Stories

Akkas was sold into bondage as a young child, forced to trade his dreams and his education for hard labor and constant hunger. Today, his laughter tells a different story. It's a story of hope, mirrored in the lives of thousands of other children whose lives have been transformed. More>

RugMarks 2007 Annual Report is here! Read more about Akkas remarkable journey, and how RugMark has ensured that he and over 3,200 other children are going to school instead of laboring on the looms.
Read about children who are now enjoying their childhoods. Instead of spending long days for little or no pay working on weaving looms, they are attending school preparing for their futures.
News + Events

NEWS, "No to Child Labor! Yes to Education!" by Galina Leinen, July 14, 2008 More>
Furniture World Magazine, "The Rug Company Joins RugMark," June 26, 2008 More>
The Globe and Mail, "Magic Carpets: Canadian designers are pulling the rug out from under child labour," by Jennifer Hollett, June 14, 2008. More>

The Rug Company, known world-wide for its hand crafted, high design rugs and tapestries, has joined RugMark to ensure children go to school instead of work. The lives of workers in the rug industry are of paramount importance, says Christopher Sharp who co-founded the company with his wife, designer Suzanne Sharp. We are happy to be involved with RugMark. What we like is that RugMark monitors the situation on the ground not from a distance. Recognized internationally for its forward thinking approach to rug design, The Rug Company is renowned for its collaborations with luminaries of fashion. More >
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Industry Professionals
New York-based Nying Zemo is dedicated to bringing a taste of Tibetan Art to the living areas of décor conscious individuals. Meaning “beautiful” in the Tibetan language, Nying Zemo lives up to its name by providing their workers with an environment that is dignified and child-labor-free. Founders Shalini Acharya and Simmy Pappachen joined RugMark to give back to the communities that keep the time honored tradition of handmade rug weaving alive. More >

RugMark’s new How to Buy a Rug guide now makes it easier for individuals to buy handmade rugs that are both visually beautiful and ethically made.  The guide, which distills the often daunting process of purchasing a handmade rug into five steps, stresses the importance of selecting a carpet that is made by skilled adult artisans. More >
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