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Children's Stories

Read about children who are now enjoying their childhoods. Instead of spending long days
for little or no pay working on weaving looms, they are attending school preparing for
their futures.

Roshani Lama 

Eight-year-old Nepali Roshani Lama isn't receiving educational support from RugMark because she was a child weaver - she is getting it so she doesn't become one.   More >

Akkas: The Story of a Carpet Boy 

Akkas was sold into bondage as a young child, forced to trade his dreams and his education for hard labor and constant hunger. Today, his laughter tells a different story. It's a story of hope, mirrored in the lives of thousands of other children whose lives have been transformed.   More >

Sanita Lama, Young Hero: a Year Later 

One year ago, RugMark introduced supporters to someone we affectionately termed our ''young hero'': Sanita Lama. From Boston to Miami, Sanita shared with audiences her experience growing up as a 'carpet kid' in Nepal.   More >

Gwen and Thila 

''What stays with me is the kids running to my room every day in the morning - their faces and smiles.'' Gwen Straley recently returned from six months volunteering with Nepal RugMark Foundation, yet the images of the children remain fresh in her mind. While living alongside RugMark's children, tracking their growth and documenting their stories as part of her senior thesis, Gwen developed a close bond with a former 'carpet kid' named Thila.   More >

Sandesh Tamang 

My name is Sandesh Tamang. I am 13 years old. I used to work long days in a carpet factory but fortunately a RugMark inspector rescued me one year ago and now I am in school.   More >

Maili Lama 

Maili Lama was born in Ramban, Bara district, in the mid-region of Nepal. The strained smile on her face developed fours years ago when she became an orphan. Her mother died during childbirth and out of bereavement, her father committed suicide.   More >

A letter from Narayan Tiwari 

I know the problems of working children as I worked for about eight years as a child laborer in the carpet industry.   More >

Manju Karki 

Permanently injured from working on the looms as a child, today Manju is a young activist who was inspired by RugMark's founder to help other children escape child labor.   More >

Laxmi Shrestha 

After a landslide destroyed Laxmi Shrestha's home, the 6-year-old went to work in a carpet factory in Nepal.   More >

Raj Kumar 

A gifted tailor, Raj attended RugMark rehabilitation center. Today he has thriving business sewing clothing for customers, and students who attend RugMark schools wear uniforms tailored by Raj and his staff.   More >

RugMark Children in Little Angels School 

 By partnering with other organizations committed to broadening educational opportunities for children, RugMark is able to help former child weavers go on to become the best educated kids in their country.   More >