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Film Clips

View clips on RugMark from documentaries:

  • Principal Voices 

CNN Documentary series on "Social Entrepreneurs" highlights RugMark and founder Kailash Satyarthi


  • The Most Beautiful Rug

Campaign Video - Autumn 2007

Streaming Video (YouTube)
Windows Media Player - 21MB
Quicktime - 26MB
AVI - 17.8MB
Flash - 16.9MB

  • The Young Heroes of RugMark

In 2007, two former child weavers embarked on a multi-city speaking tour with RugMark
Dwell Daily Video
Footage by TurnHere, courtesy of

Streaming Video (YouTube)
Windows Media Player - 26.7MB
AVI - 25.1MB
Quicktime - 14.78MB

  • Nina Smith on Social Edge

Nina Smith, Executive Director of RugMark Foundation USA, shares with Global X the story of Lakshmi who was able to break the cycle of poverty for her and her family.

Streaming Video (YouTube)
Windows Media Player - 3.62MB
Flash - 5.5MB
Quicktime - 1.84MB

  • Stolen Childhoods

Produced by Galen Films, narrated by Meryl Streep with testimony by Senator Tom Harkin.

Windows Media Player - 3.62MB
Flash - 5.5MB
Quicktime - 1.84MB

  • The New Heroes

Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, narrated by Robert Redford, and interview with RugMark founder, Kailash Satyarthi.

Windows Media Player - 13.59MB
Flash (High Quality) - 14.9MB
Flash (Low Quality) - 2.1MB
AVI - 11.45MB
Quicktime - 2.37MB
RealVideo - 820KB