RugMark is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.

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Expert Interviews

Debbie Hindman

Debbie Hindman, teacher, writer and marketing department for leading Colorado design firm, owned and operated by women, says that interior designers have the opportunity to help their clients make socially responsible choices. More>

Gary Coles-Christensen

Santa Fe-based G. Coles-Christensen, Rug Merchants, President Gary Coles-Christensen and his colleagues founded their business on sound personal values, and that includes selling rugs made without illegal child labor. More>

Travis Price

Architect Travis Price says green design in architecture has the potential to build stronger communities where people feel connected and less alienated than they do in today’s fast-paced world of consumptive homogeneity. More>

John Kurtz

Co-owner John Kurtz, of New Moon Rugs in Wilmington, Delaware, discusses the history of hand woven rugs, sustainable carpet production and his work with RugMark to end child labor. More>

Susan Szenasy

Metropolis Editor Susan Szenasy believes that the carpet and rug industry are operating with outdated thinking and need to do more to respond to consumers’ interest in products that were produced responsibly. More>