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Spotlight On Importers / Rug Designers
Linda Garriott Design, LLC

Linda Garriott is a rug designer and fiber artist whose rugs are distinguished by bold use of color, lyrical lines and curves. Linda’s designs lend themselves to contemporary, transitional, eclectic and contemporary traditional settings. Working with artisans in India, Linda produces beautiful hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs in mills certified as child-labor-free by RugMark. All rugs are made with luxurious 100 percent New Zealand worsted wool. Wool/silk blends are also available. More >

Liza Phillips Design

An artist and designer for most of her life, Liza Phillips launched Liza Phillips Design in 2004. Having visited several workshops in Kathmandu, Liza became aware of the potential for exploitation in the industry. Because she sought to do everything possible to contribute to the welfare of weavers and their children as they face the future, she signed up with RugMark early on. More >

Lizz Greer

Lizz Greer’s artisan rugs are so much more than elegant home furnishings. They are unique works of art intended for the most discriminating homeowners and private collectors. They offer an opportunity to explore images, feelings, and perspectives in any environment. Designed exclusively by Lizz, each artisan rug is an experience in culture and emotion, and an investment in beauty and sophistication, as well as social responsibility: Every Lizz Greer creation carries the RugMark label to ensure that children were not exploited. More >

M & M Design International

With so much of the same product in the market, brothers Joel and Mark Karimzadeh, a third generation of rug manufacturers, started M&M Design International. Starting in London and moving to New York, M&M offers oriental rugs, custom-made, designer rug collections and custom-produced area rugs. In addition to its custom designs, the company’s recent membership in RugMark helps to set it apart. More >

Messenger Rugs

Messenger Rugs is a slowly evolving idea with great intent at its core. Like the healing quality of waves caressing the shoreline, the messages of these rugs hope to instill a seed of hope and healing. Through several series of rugs, messages are sent to connect to the viewer and user at a level of soul. Like the age-old tradition of storytelling, these rugs bring visually inspired stories from cultures around the world. With a RugMark certification label on the underside of every Messenger Rug, another story is told – that the weavers who made it were treated fairly. More >

New Moon

John Kurtz, designer and producer of New Moon, is a nationally recognized expert in the complex field of oriental rugs. Over the years, through his PBS television series, John has introduced millions of viewers to the world of oriental rugs. Each rug in the New Moon collection is an original design. A trained artist, John sketches and paints each rug before it is hand woven in Nepal from the most spectacular materials in the world, such as hand-spun, 100 percent Tibetan wool and, in a select few cases, luxurious Chinese silk. As a founding member of the RugMark Foundation, New Moon works to abolish illegal child labor in the carpet industry, ensuring its rugs are the most beautiful. More >

Northfield Carpets International

Northfield Carpets International believes that each rug design lends itself to a particular interpretation of wool and weave. With workshops in three countries, Northfield Carpets tailors materials and technique to the aesthetic and technical requirements of each project. Using hand-selected varieties of wool—combed, plied, or spun to just the right texture—and the best quality vegetable and metal-complex dyes, the company creates beautiful and enduring works that are certified as child-labor-free by RugMark. More >

Odegard, Inc

The first U.S. company to join RugMark, Odegard, Inc. was founded by Stephanie Odegard, who initially visited the carpet factories of Nepal in 1987. At the time, she was concerned less with style than with sustenance. She had been hired by the World Bank to help the rug business in Nepal expand into an industry that could offer a better life to greater numbers of locals. She was there as a consultant, “to redesign how they marketed and presented traditional crafts to the rest of the world,” she recounts. That meant everything from pressuring local officials to resolve problems with the wool-supply chain to advising the makers on the types of carpets that affluent Westerners wanted to buy. More >


Raj Peddada, founder of Peddada Rugs, importer of fine Indian area rugs, grew up in India and saw the exploitation of children first hand. So when he launched his rug line as an extension of his home accessories design firm, The Future Environments Company, Raj joined RugMark in its fight to end child labor in the carpet industry. More >

Sacco Carpets

Sacco Carpets is a five-year-old company, serving interior designers of New York with products made on five continents. Sacco insists on the RugMark Label, knowing that it represents a serious effort to improve the lives of many people. More >

Stile BK

Stile BK’s nomadic philosophy is one that the company not only utilizes in creating beautiful rugs, but also in its business approach. Behrouz Kolahi created Stile BK in 2004 in Italy with the intent to become an international company. A year later, the company introduced its rugs to the U.S. market, launching at the New York International Carpet Show. At that show, Behrouz met RugMark representatives and signed up shortly thereafter to ensure that its rugs are child-labor-free. More >

Story Rugs

An artist since childhood, Dale Gottlieb attended art school in New York. The journey through school had its twists and detours, landing Dale in India at age 20 to seek spiritual enlightenment. It was in that Hindu ashram that her introspective meditation changed from an initial longing for a more ascetic life to finding her profound truth -- an irresistible urge to create art that addresses issues of injustice and inequality. So when she launched Story Rugs, a partnership with RugMark to help eradicate child labor from the carpet industry was a natural extension of her design inspiration. More >


Textures offers custom hand woven rugs, home décor, handcrafted jewelry and personalized interior design services. Its hope is to instill craftsmanship, integrity and beauty in all of its products and services. Textures is also actively involved in international children’s charities and is dedicated to improving the lives of those it touches. Its affiliation with RugMark has allowed Textures to give back to the Nepalese community through the education of its most important assets ­­– its children. More >

Zo Luyendijk Studio

As a carpet designer, Zoë Luyendijk has made her mark by resolutely following her own instincts wherever they take her. Guided by a muse that seems equal parts water sprite, wood nymph, wild child, fire goddess and street urchin, she generates something entirely her own. She’s an original. All of Zoë’s carpets are hand-knotted in Nepal from silk, wool and hemp. The good labor practices and conditions in the mills qualify the company as a member of RugMark. More >