RugMark is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.

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Industry Endorsements

“We’ve seen a higher net margin and quicker turn rate on RugMark certified rugs. RugMark rugs are our top sellers and are asked for by name. RugMark imparts a sense of inherent value that is important to the consumer.”

--Gary Coles-Christensen, G. Coles-Christensen, Ltd.

“By contributing to RugMark, we can be assured that our money is helping the communities where our rugs are made. The success of our establishment is founded on the work of people halfway around the world. RugMark is a unique opportunity for a showroom to give back to those who have made it happen.”

--Driscoll Robbins, Driscoll Robbins Oriental Carpets

“Nobody would willingly display a carpet in their home which was made by child labor. Our job is simply to inform [consumers] of the issues. I am confident they will make the right decisions.”

--Kerry E. Smith, Lapchi

“We find more and more customers are gaining a social awareness. We’ve made quite a few sales because of RugMark.”

--Murray Mallot, Zoë Luyendijk Studio 

“I joined RugMark to ensure my clients that I don’t use child labor in the production of my rugs. I want to be able to stand behind my designs 100%, not just the creative part, but the production phase as well.”

--Angela Adams, Angela Adams Design

“We are hoping that our industry can get to where apparel is now, after the Nike and other scandals of the recent past. The point is not, ‘yes, we know they are underage and underpaid, but it’s okay because that’s the way it is over there.’ The bottom line is that exploitation is always wrong.”

--Patrick McDarrah, emma gardner design, llc

Join the RugMark Marketing Partnership program to increase your sales, enhance your brand awareness, and do the right thing. The program provides tangible business benefits and critical financial support to RugMark’s work. Marketing Partners receive higher profile recognition on the RugMark website, special marketing tools, and press exposure through focused editorial efforts and advertising.

To join RugMark’s Marketing Partnership program, contact Scott Welker at or .  Or download the complete Marketing Partnership brochure in PDF format and return the application form.