RugMark is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.

 Win a Rug

Importer Marketing Benefits

Sales Material and Support

Point-of-sale brochures – Available to RugMark importers and their retailers, these brochures describe the RugMark certification and how the purchase of certified rug help educate children in weaving communities.

Counter cardsThe Most Beautiful Rug counter cards are for use in trade shows and at point-of-sale. These 11x14” easel-mounted posters help consumers and the trade easily identify your brand as socially responsible.

Window decals – These colorful RugMark label decals identify your showrooms as respected dealers of child-labor-free rugs, helping to build trust and differentiate your rugs from competitors. 

How to Buy a Rug brochure – This special How to Buy a Rug brochure was developed for potential clients, and shows your commitment to both the fine craft of rug weaving and to good labor practices within South Asian weaving communities.

Photo library – RugMark’s extensive digital photo library, developed by award-winning photographer Robin Romano, includes images of RugMark children in school, the rug weaving process and more.

Sales training tools – RugMark background and talking points. This visual presentation can educate rug salespeople about how to use the RugMark certification to differentiate the brand from others, address pricing issues and add value to the sales proposition.

Certificate of origin cards – These special cards can be personalized for each client that purchases one of your fine, RugMark certified rugs. Almost a “pedigree” of quality, trustworthiness and social responsibility, the certificate tells buyers how their purchase helps weaving communities and builds loyalty to your brand.

Co-branding opportunities

RugMark logo rights-of-use – A CD-Rom containing image files of the RugMark logo and tagline for use on ads, print and electronic material, builds awareness about your company’s affiliation with a national campaign and commitment to social responsibility.

Joint events – RugMark participates in a range of tradeshows where it promotes member companies, holds public events where licensees are invited to participate, and partners with licensees and showrooms on personalized events.

Media Exposure

Media release template – RugMark provides you with media release templates to alert the press about your company’s social responsibility commitment.

National and local press – RugMark’s media plan enables member companies to act as spokespeople and participate in story development.

Website promotion

Website listing – Your company will receive a listing on with reciprocal links to your site. The listing will include specific company and contact information to connect you with consumers, interior designers and retailers.

Full-page company profile – Each licensee has the opportunity to create a company profile page with photos and links.

Rug showroom –  You may post three rug images in RugMark’s online Rug Showroom.

Showroom zip code search – You gain access to licensee showrooms and retail outlets to connect consumers and designers with representation across the country.

Join the RugMark Marketing Partnership program to increase your sales, enhance your brand awareness, and do the right thing. The program provides tangible business benefits and critical financial support to RugMark’s work. Marketing Partners receive higher profile recognition on the RugMark website, special marketing tools, and press exposure through focused editorial efforts and advertising.

To join RugMark’s Marketing Partnership program, contact Scott Welker at or .  Or download the complete Marketing Partnership brochure in PDF format and return the application form.