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Carini Lang
Name  Joe Carini 
Organization Name Carini Lang

Founded in 1998 by the husband-wife team of Joseph and Aurelie Carini, Carini Lang produces fine handmade rugs from Nepal. The Carinis believe that a rug’s essence is how it appeals to the eyes and heart. Carpets are much more than floor coverings. Each rug represents the energy of all the individuals involved in its making. The conditions and circumstances in which the carpet is produced leave traces in the carpet that will eventually be in someone’s home. So it is essential that the process of making the carpet be positive. This means that a rug made with the use of child labor will send a negative vibe. One can see it in the carpet and feel it in the room. The carpets do indeed speak for themselves. Carini Lang’s participation in RugMark ensures that the rugs speak of beauty – inside and out.

Three core principles are embodied Carini Lang’s work: To make a beautiful, natural product that would rival the quality of the best carpets of past epochs; to benefit the people who weave the rugs and not harm the environment in the process; and to create work that goes beyond common commercial interests, delivering true artistic expression.

Prior to launching Carini Lang, Joe worked in the Tibetan and Nepalese carpet industries for seven years and as an antique carpet and textiles dealer. He also sold fine drawings and paintings, for which he had trained at the Pratt Institute. In the 1980s he became infatuated with antique carpets, leading to an in-depth study of colors, specialized natural dyes, design etymologies and weaving technique. Aurelie’s background was in business administration and finance and she is the driving force in organizing and developing the company.

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