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Angela Adams Design
Name  Angela Adams 
Organization Name Angela Adams Design, LLC

When textile artist Angela Adams expanded her rug production from Maine to include weavers around the world in India, she wanted to retain the highest working standards. Joining RugMark was a natural part of that business expansion and has helped her ensure that no child labor is used to produce rugs under her name.

In addition to the bonus of being produced in a socially responsible process, Angela's rugs are known for their sense of timelessness, simplicity and balance, all inspired by the remote and harsh natural beauty of life on an island 12 miles off the coast of Maine, where she grew up. Her island upbringing helped to shape her unique perspective on design.

Early in her design career, Angela worked as a decorative painter. As her business grew, she sought an alternative medium for her design. Rugs were a natural choice due to the Maine legacy of hand made textiles and floor coverings.  As she began exploring the art of making rugs, she fell in love with the process of hand tufting, a technique that she reinvented to fit her own aesthetic.

Inspired by the versatility of this new medium, Angela simplified her designs to their purest essence and translated them into textural landscapes. Hand tufting and shearing into undulating patterns gave her rugs innovative and dynamic patterns that helped to quickly establish her as a leader in contemporary design.

With an eye for quality and the desire to innovate, Angela opened her own rug mill in 1998. She can now experiment with new techniques and maintain control over the entire rug-making process, ensuring quality. Angela is constantly exploring new vehicles for her designs. Handmade graphic floor and throw pillows and patterned glassware have brought her creations to the home wares market. Her latest endeavor is hand-printed fabric, made to coordinate with her rug and furniture collections.

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