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Judy Ross Textiles
Name †Judy†Ross†
Organization Name Judy Ross Textiles

After receiving a bachelorís degree in fine arts with a concentration in painting, printmaking and textile design, Judy Ross traveled to India in 1989. In Kashmir she discovered the ancient art of chain stitch embroidery and was inspired to transfer her drawing ideas to fabric and yarn.†The stitch gives the design another edge, as well as an organic, living quality. Judyís rooted experience in South Asia led to her support of RugMark, through which she can contribute to the education of children in fine artisan communities who often cannot afford school.

For the past 16 years, Judy has developed a special relationship with artisans, especially in Northern India.†Her designs are paired with their fine craftsmanship, as each rug is handmade using three different techniques. Chain stitch rugs are made by master embroiderers using high quality New Zealand wool.†Hand-knotted rugs are made by expert weavers in Nepal using hand-dyed Tibetan wool and/or Chinese silk.†Hand-tufted rugs are made in the United States using New Zealand wool, sheared and finished by hand.†

In 1995 Judy Ross entered the home design market with a collection of pillows, wall hangings, and rugs using the chain stitch technique. She has worked with distinguished designers such as Muriel Brandolini, Robert Couturier, Shamir Shah and Alan Wanzenberg.†Her instantly-recognizable designs for the home have a clear, clean look and sophisticated color sense.†The collection continues to expand with bedcovers, curtains, and complete custom designs.

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