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Ghiordes Knot
Name Mr Edmond Hagopian 
Organization Name Ghiordes Knot

The story of Ghiordes Knot reads like a “rags to riches” tale. In 1921, escaping Turkish persecution of Armenians, Haroutun Hagopian fled to the U.S. Though trained as a pharmacist, Hagopian worked as a dishwasher, factory worker and perfume maker until, using his training in chemistry, he created compounds to clean carpets. Over the years carpet cleaning became carpet retailing and today Detroit-based Ghiordes Knot (GK) is owned by his grandchildren Edmond, Suzanne, and Angela.

GK has a large collection of rugs from around the world and a family ethic shaped by the founder’s early experiences of hardship. The family stories of those experiences made the Ghiordes’ choice to join RugMark a natural one. “We want to know that the people making the rugs we buy and sell are paid properly, taken care of and that there are no children involved,” Edmond explains.

Ghiordes Knot, which markets RugMark certified brands Odegard and Lapchi rugs to the trade, has been involved in service to the community for many years. The company sponsors competitions and scholarships for area design students, consistently donates to local charities and regularly hosts concerts for the public in its showroom. “Aligning my personal values with my work is very important to me. It’s not just about the bottom line.” Edmond insists. “We have to give back.”

Edmond is proud of the family history and its deep roots in the rug industry. Edmond explains, “As a child in the Ottoman Empire, my grandmother wove rugs" -- a fact that makes Ghiordes Knot’s partnership with RugMark deeply significant. “We are convinced people can have beautiful rugs that are not overpriced and that are made by adults. RugMark is doing a good job of educating the public that that is possible.”

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