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Kush Hand-Knotted Carpets
Name Rebecca and BrianRobins
Organization Name Kush Hand-Knotted Carpets

Portland, Ore.-based Kush Hand-Knotted Carpets, the creation of Rebecca and Brian Robins, offers an array of RugMark certified rugs, and appreciates the opportunity to educate and promote fair labor practices. Rebecca feels that "RugMark gives our gallery a voice when we purchase rugs. Much like our clients we are voting with our dollars to encourage producers to uphold the RugMark standard."

Rebecca and Brian bring a balanced yin and yang perspective to their eclectic gallery. Rebecca is drawn to bold colors and adventurous designs, while Brian prefers rich earth tones and simple, clean lines. "We think of ourselves as an art gallery first, says Brian. A rug serves a utilitarian purpose, but above all else it should evoke a gut level response that cannot be fully quantified. Ideally a rug chooses you.

In addition to offering heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind pieces from all over the world, Kush excels in creating custom rugs. Architects, designers and residences with challenging floor plans all benefit from the flexibility of Kush's bespoke services. Working in harmony with RugMark weavers in Nepal, Kush can modify existing designs and create pieces from something as simple as a pencil drawing or as complex as a splashy oil painting. Rebecca, who relishes the opportunity to create unique carpets, points out, "Often the hardest aspect of a custom project is refining ones vision because the possibilities are as infinite as imagination itself."

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