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Madison Millinger Rugs
Name Mr Christiane Millinger 
Organization Name Madison Millinger Rugs

“When I travel to find a rug,” says Christiane Millinger, partner in Madison Millinger Rugs showroom, “I look for the ones that really talk, the absolutely fabulous ones that go deeper than any one style.” Carrying brands that treat weavers equitably, do not use child labor and pay fair wages are also important criteria that Millinger looks for when selecting rugs. The RugMark label is one tool that helps her convey this to clients.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Madison Millinger Rugs represents all major rug manufacturers in the world, companies that incorporate phenomenal designs and high quality materials into their products. Each rug is made with fine, handspun wool that retains its natural lanolin and appears lustrous and alive. Natural vegetable dyes and high-quality chromium dyes don’t fade over time and bring each piece of yarn to life with warm, vibrant color.

Christiane Millinger and Todd Jantz handpick every rug showcased in their store, and travel the world examining the latest designs and production facilities to find the perfect rugs. But as someone who’s worked in the rug industry for over two decades, Millinger explains that the process of choosing a rug comes down to more than just technicalities.

When a client enters the Pearl District showroom for the first time, Millinger says she and her staff start by listening to learn about each individual’s requirements and vision for their space. From there, clients can peruse stacks of hundreds of rugs, ranging from designs that depict traditional Iranian legends to more contemporary, abstract patterns that incorporate shapes such as poppies or stripes. Clients may choose a few rugs to sample in their homes, so they can watch how the light in that setting changes the look of the rug throughout the day. Millinger says the process of choosing a rug is always organic and should be a delightful experience.

“Rugs are such a treasure, a mysterious, luxurious item that can transform and finish a space,” she says. “If a person is lucky enough to have time to discover the perfect rug for them, they should enjoy the experience.”

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